Saturday, July 9, 2011

100 Most Popular Facebook Pages with More Than 10 Million Fans

The most popular facebook pages is very diverse, ranging from celebrities, athletes, brands, movies and characters, and even the daily activities. Entertainment is the most popular thing on the facebook pages. Most likely, you are one of those pages fans. But for something else, you probably do not know who or what it is. So, let's check the list:
  1. 47,635,110 Fans on Facebook page (
  2. 46,170,618 Fans on Texas Hold'em Poker page (
  3. 42,462,580 Fans on Eminem page (
  4. 40,888,230 Fans on YouTube page (
  5. 39,880,646 Fans on Lady Gaga page (
  6. 39,666,660 Fans on Rihanna page (
  7. 37,479,624 Fans on Michael Jackson page (
  8. 36,052,844 Fans on Shakira page (
  9. 34,400,341 Fans on Family Guy page (
  10. 32,430,240 Fans on Justin Bieber page (
  11. 31,811,439 Fans on Coca-Cola page (
  12. 31,743,340 Fans on Linkin Park page (
  13. 31,348,005 Fans on The Simpsons page (
  14. 31,328,330 Fans on South Park page (
  15. 30,987,207 Fans on Katy Perry page (
  16. 30,322,582 Fans on Cristiano Ronaldo page (
  17. 28,401,598 Fans on Lil Wayne page (
  18. 27,970,790 Fans on Bob Marley page (
  19. 27,938,781 Fans on Harry Potter page (
  20. 27,094,122 Fans on AKON page (
  21. 26,692,720 Fans on Megan Fox page (
  22. 26,640,347 Fans on Disney page (
  23. 26,194,687 Fans on Vin Diesel page (
  24. 25,263,071 Fans on MTV page (
  25. 25,256,018 Fans on Beyoncé page (
  26. 25,097,150 Fans on SpongeBob SquarePants page (
  27. 24,290,819 Fans on Music page (
  28. 23,663,038 Fans on House page (
  29. 23,597,858 Fans on Starbucks page (
  30. 23,584,711 Fans on Taylor Swift page (
  31. 23,382,901 Fans on Avril Lavigne page (
  32. 23,278,748 Fans on The Twilight Saga page (
  33. 22,834,390 Fans on Adam Sandler page (
  34. 22,815,215 Fans on Toy Story page (
  35. 22,413,075 Fans on Twilight – Italia page (
  36. 22,352,489 Fans on Selena Gomez page (
  37. 22,093,722 Fans on Usher page (
  38. 21,917,956 Fans on Black Eyed Peas page (
  39. 21,917,942 Fans on Barack Obama page (
  40. 21,864,010 Fans on Oreo page (
  41. 21,564,996 Fans on Dr. House page (
  42. 21,511,468 Fans on David Guetta page (
  43. 21,239,199 Fans on Red Bull page (
  44. 21,129,271 Fans on Two and a Half Men page (
  45. 20,787,570 Fans on Will Smith page (
  46. 19,898,201 Fans on Converse All Star page (
  47. 19,777,291 Fans on Avatar page (
  48. 19,776,225 Fans on Enrique Iglesias page (
  49. 19,569,607 Fans on The Beatles page (
  50. 19,294,085 Fans on Metallica page (
  51. 19,026,092 Fans on Leo Messi page (
  52. 18,995,014 Fans on Converse page (
  53. 18,913,776 Fans on Jackie Chan page (
  54. 18,405,741 Fans on Skittles page (
  55. 18,217,885 Fans on Drake page (
  56. 17,651,564 Fans on FC Barcelona page (
  57. 17,602,399 Fans on Mafia Wars page (
  58. 17,065,773 Fans on Green Day page (
  59. 16,894,275 Fans on Paramore page (
  60. 16,263,928 Fans on PlayStation page (
  61. 15,883,655 Fans on iTunes page (
  62. 15,805,236 Fans on 50 Cent page (
  63. 15,438,461 Fans on Shrek page (
  64. 15,234,849 Fans on Miley Cyrus page (
  65. 15,107,962 Fans on Futurama page (
  66. 15,078,346 Fans on Harry Potter page (
  67. 15,057,335 Fans on Glee page (
  68. 15,000,385 Fans on The Hangover page (
  69. 14,793,037 Fans on How I Met Your Mother page (
  70. 14,784,923 Fans on Jackass page (
  71. 14,779,129 Fans on Pringles page (
  72. 14,733,399 Fans on Grey's Anatomy page (
  73. 14,732,700 Fans on Mr. Bean page (
  74. 14,493,078 Fans on The Big Bang Theory page (
  75. 14,370,021 Fans on Victoria's Secret page (
  76. 14,334,312 Fans on AC/DC page (
  77. 14,205,809 Fans on Los simpson page (
  78. 13,984,198 Fans on Pink Floyd page (
  79. 13,935,069 Fans on Windows Live Messenger page (
  80. 13,624,509 Fans on Alicia Keys page (
  81. 13,265,509 Fans on Chris Brown page (
  82. 13,190,086 Fans on Bon Jovi page (
  83. 13,062,993 Fans on Coldplay page (
  84. 12,940,730 Fans on T.I. page (
  85. 12,534,400 Fans on DORY page (
  86. 12,466,784 Fans on Britney Spears page (
  87. 12,465,106 Fans on Jersey Shore page (
  88. 12,332,111 Fans on NCIS page (
  89. 12,212,034 Fans on Michael Jordan page (
  90. 12,156,938 Fans on David Beckham page (
  91. 11,705,058 Fans on Ferrero Rocher page (
  92. 11,505,886 Fans on Monster Energy page (
  93. 11,501,285 Fans on FRIENDS (TV Show) page (
  94. 11,326,623 Fans on Nicki Minaj page (
  95. 11,269,934 Fans on Nirvana page (
  96. 11,214,021 Fans on Twilight page (
  97. 11,201,714 Fans on Queen page (
  98. 11,157,039 Fans on Red Hot Chili Peppers page (
  99. 11,093,168 Fans on Titanic page (
  100. 10,964,380 Fans on Justin Timberlake page (
The number of fans to those facebook pages will continue to grow. Perhaps you forgot to vote for your favorite figure?

Monday, March 28, 2011

How to Personalize Facebook Profile with a Custom Username

On many social network services, you can recognize and memorize the URL of a user profile (including your own profile) from the additional text that represent the username on related social network. Username text is shown as a prefix (sub domain) or suffix (sub directory) of the social network homepage (Eg.,,, etc.). But not with Facebook social network.

By default, your Facebook profile is long and confusingly. Your default Facebook URL is just a randomly generated number that identifies your page to Facebook. Of course, this is very hard to remember.

This is the default URL for your Facebook profile:

But wait, did you know that your Facebook profile can have a custom personal URL? That's right! You may personalize the URL address of your Facebook profile using your own personal username.

You can make it easier to remember by change it into something like this:

How to do that? It's easy and fast:
  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Go to
  3. Facebook will suggest some usernames, based on your name or other account information.
  4. Choose one of the suggested usernames, or you may create your own username by entering a unique username, and click check availability. Your username must be at least five characters in length and only include alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9), or a period or full stop (".").
  5. Confirm to set your username. Please note, you can change your username only once, so make sure your username is good enough and that you like it before clicking confirm.
Now, your Facebook profile more memorable and making it easier for your friends, fans, or customers to find you. It can be sent through your email, as a signature. Furthermore, your custom profile address is now more search engine friendly!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Real Actor Facebook Profiles List

Celebrities on Facebook? Sure. Are you looking for your favorites actors profiles? Start to add them to your fave list and follow their status updates. Here is the info. These are the real Facebook profiles of those famous actors:
  • Actor: Ashton Kutcher (Facebook Profile: Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Ben Stiller (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Carmen Electra (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Christopher Walken (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Clint Eastwood (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Demi Moore (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Denzel Washington (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Drew Barrymore (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Eva Longoria Parker (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: EZEL (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: George Clooney (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Hugh Laurie (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Jack Black (Facebook Profile: JackBlack)
  • Actor: Jackie Chan (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Jada Pinkett Smith (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Jason Statham (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Jet Li (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Jim Carrey (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Khloe Kardashian (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Kourtney Kardashian (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Mürsel Severler (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Martin Lawrence (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Matthew Perry (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Monica Bellucci (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Morgan Freeman (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Robert De Niro (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Sanaa Lathan (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Selena Gomez (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Shahrukh Khan (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Shane Dawson (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Taraji P. Henson (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Tila Tequila (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Vin Diesel (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Wentworth Miller (Facebook Profile:
  • Actor: Zach Braff (Facebook Profile:
Long enough to Add, okay? Enjoy!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tagging Pictures and Sharing Photos with FB

There are a lot of ways to share anything on Facebook (FB). For example, people loves to share some pictures from their Photo Album. You may do tagging pictures to mark your friends on individual photo.
To share photo pictures to your FB Friends and mark them, just do this steps:
  1. Upload your picture.
  2. Browse to open your picture from Photo Album.
  3. Click Share, choose your share target (default is Everyone). Click Share button.
  4. Use the tagging pictures feature to mark your friends. Click Tag This Photo.
  5. Move your cursor and hit your friend face to tag.
  6. Type his/her name, or choose a person from your contact.
  7. Click Tag. Now there is a marked friend. He/she will get the Notification and your picture now included on his/her Photo Album.
  8. Do more tagging picture tasks. Click End Tagging while you're done.
Pretty easy, right?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Subscribe Facebook Status Updates and Notifications

Facebook not really close the users personal information. Still, you may share your Facebook Status Updates and Notifications, or subscribes to your friends activities. All you have to do is to get the user Notification RSS Feeds. How you do that?
  1. Get your Notification RSS Feeds on this URL :
  2. Copy your Notifications Feed URL on the Subscribe to Notifications box.
  3. Paste the feed link to your feed reader or blog.
Please note, this action will cause your facebook activities available to the public. If you thinks that there is nothing personal, you may proceed.

Go Offline on Facebook Chat - Invisible Mode Tips

Some people did not like to be bothered on their Facebook session. They wants to leaved alone. They did not wanted to see people says something to start a conversation in the middle of their works.

While you only needs to check your Facebook messages, update status or do other things (but not to do something on Facebook Chat), just do these steps:
  1. Login into your Facebook Account.
  2. Click the green circle.

  3. On the Chat box, click Options.
  4. Select Go Offline.

Now you will always on the Invisible Mode on Facebook Chat. Next time, you may go online by clicking the black circle. That's simple!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Facebook Login Tips

Many people having trouble with their Facebook account. For your own security, you should concern these Facebook login tips:
  • Never use the auto log in feature. Makes sure you're unchecking the Keep me logged in check box. Especially while you're facebooking on public computers. Many people lost their account, taken by stranger because the don't pay attention to this. This Facebook login check box is checked by default. So, remember to remove that check mark.
  • Do not confuse with Facebook Sign Up box. There are many new comers get this failure, they can't distinguishing between Facebook Login and Facebook Sign Up. It's happens!
  • Remember this, always Logout! Don't forget to log out from Facebook to end your session. On the right corner of your page, Click Account > Logout.
  • Always to remember your email account you've been using for Facebook. Some people having some email accounts, it's not funny when they forgot their Facebook login password and which email account they use for it either.
  • Only use the Facebook Connect from credible web services. You should know some well known sites you can trust, but there are more sites you may be uncertain about their Facebook Connect feature.
Doing Facebook securely!