Friday, June 18, 2010

Facebook Login Tips

Many people having trouble with their Facebook account. For your own security, you should concern these Facebook login tips:
  • Never use the auto log in feature. Makes sure you're unchecking the Keep me logged in check box. Especially while you're facebooking on public computers. Many people lost their account, taken by stranger because the don't pay attention to this. This Facebook login check box is checked by default. So, remember to remove that check mark.
  • Do not confuse with Facebook Sign Up box. There are many new comers get this failure, they can't distinguishing between Facebook Login and Facebook Sign Up. It's happens!
  • Remember this, always Logout! Don't forget to log out from Facebook to end your session. On the right corner of your page, Click Account > Logout.
  • Always to remember your email account you've been using for Facebook. Some people having some email accounts, it's not funny when they forgot their Facebook login password and which email account they use for it either.
  • Only use the Facebook Connect from credible web services. You should know some well known sites you can trust, but there are more sites you may be uncertain about their Facebook Connect feature.
Doing Facebook securely!

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